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Blue Stream Consulting has partnered with safety critical industries, in particular nuclear, and oil & gas for over 15 years, and is ISO9001 accredited for the provision of Human Factors and Safety and Risk Management.

Our fields of expertise include High Reliability Organisation (HRO) practices, safety culture development, safety leadership improvement, and workforce behavioural change. As a member of the European HRO Group we help to promote collaboration between industrial practice and academic research in HROs and Resilience Engineering. Collaborative projects are ongoing with Lancaster and Newcastle Universities. Further afield, we are a member of the Center of Catastrophic Risk Management Forum, Berkeley University, California.

Our Logo

The original design concept was sketched by Hester Reeve 10 years ago in the early days of Blue Stream Consulting. Hester, a friend of Tom, now a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, captured and visualised Tom’s original thinking on the importance of integrating both people and processes for safe and efficient working within an organisation.

The two ellipses represent people and processes as separate entities within an organisation (the square), and captures the importance of the ellipses moving together for reliable, predictable and safe working – the foundation of Blue Stream’s thinking, which is still pertinent today. This original concept was taken forward by another friend and fine artist John Augar, who now specialises in graphic design and digital media. On first glance at the logo, our mind instinctively ‘draws’ two complete ellipses (taken from the Greek word for ‘falling short’), and a complete square, but on taking a closer look, John’s design can be interpreted on a number of levels:

Level 1

The square is incomplete, suggesting how an organisation can be flexible and not completely constricted by its boundaries

Level 2

The two ellipses are open; the missing lines represent the potential for fluidity and adaptability of people and processes within an organisation

Level 3

The two ellipses symbolise mindful people and meaningful processes working together within an organisation

Our choice of colour speaks for itself. Dark blue is associated with knowledge, expertise, trust, integrity, depth and stability. Orange represents the enthusiasm, creativity and determination needed to reach goals.