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Blue Stream Consulting has partnered with safety critical industries, in particular nuclear, and oil & gas for over 15 years, and is ISO9001 accredited for the provision of Human Factors and Safety and Risk Management.

CultureMetrika© Diagnostics

CultureMetrika® is a flexible diagnostics package that measures an organisation’s baseline HRO status and current resilient performance. This approach uses both quantitative and qualitative methods that pinpoint the true characteristics of an organisation’s ‘culture’, including safety culture.


Assessment of organisational systems and processes

Policies and procedures help to shape an organisation’s culture; this means that they have to be fit for purpose. Concerns and critical areas for improvement can be identified by focus groups, historical information and client case studies

Organisational culture and climate assessments, including leadership assessments

- British Psychological Society (BPS) recognised psychometrics

- Safety critical industry specific psychometric: RI-5 (Resilient Indicator 5), developed with Newcastle University

Ethnographic work place studies (‘on-the-ground’ approach assesses how work is done in practice i.e. what actually happens in the workplace)


Based on diagnostic outcomes, areas for potential improvement can be highlighted and solutions suggested based on HRO best practice.

System and process optimisation

Developing organisational ‘culture’ and resilience, including safety culture

Mindful Project Management (MPM) and
Mindful Project Controls (MPC)

Resilient Leadership development

Behavioural change, coaching and mentoring

Graded learning programmes for managers, technical leads and operational staff

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